Heartland region reports zero active COVID cases

HURON — The weekly COVID-19 update from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) revealed increasing frequency of cases statewide while the numbers of active virus cases locally and regionally moved to zero.

The state saw another slow week of vaccinations, moving to 57.44% of the state’s eligible population having received one dose of vaccine and 53.25% of those eligible in the state now fully vaccinated.

In all, the state has administered 698,962 doses of vaccine to 371,893 state residents. Of those, 350,389 are fully vaccinated. When examining the entire population of the state, eligible for the vaccine or not, that comes to 39.1% of the state’s entire population fully vaccinated.

Beadle County has similarly seen slow progress with the vaccine, as 14,439 doses have been administered to 7,702 people in the county, with 7,339 fully vaccinated.

By percentage, 48.92% of the county’s eligible residents and 39.8% of the county’s entire population are fully vaccinated.

The state has reported increased variants in the state, and in total, the state has now eclipsed 203 variant cases in the state. After disclosing the first delta variant case last week, the state has now reported 11 cases of the notedly more transmissible variant.

Wednesday’s DOH report indicated 113 new positive cases, one new death, and 78 new recovered cases statewide. This raised active virus cases in the state to 208.

Beadle County added no new positive cases and two new recovered cases over the week. That moved Beadle’s active cases to zero.

The Heartland Region fell to zero active cases across the entire seven-county region in the DOH report.



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