Helvik letter 4-24-21

To the Editor:

And to the entire community.

On March 19, my father was involved in an accident. He fell down three steps and hit his head on a carpeted floor. He passed out and when he came to it was decided to just take him over to Huron Regional Medical Center for a quick check-up, to make sure he was okay.

HRMC determined that he needed more medical help and had him transferred to Avera in Sioux Falls via air ambulance. By the time my father made it to Sioux Falls he was in a full coma. It has now been a month, and he is still not fully awake or listening to most commands.

Now, here is the fun part… my father supposedly has papers of some sort written up and hidden in his house, that details all his wishes. We cannot find them. So now we need to go through the court system to get guardianship/conservatorship of him, so that we can gain access to his accounts to keep his bills paid.

My plea to all of you is this…get your stuff in order. Get a power of attorney, get a will, get your affairs in order, and then share that information and its whereabouts with those you love, so they don’t have to try to figure it out in a time that is stressful and demanding.

Something as simple as falling down three steps has caused so much damage and has wreaked havoc on our lives as his children. There are plenty of great attorneys in the area, please go and see one before your family has to figure out what is best for you.

Deanna Helvik



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