HHA uses grant to plant trees at Huron park

Photo by Curt Nettinga/Plainsman Board and staff members from the Huron Housing Authority, the City of Huron, the city’s Park and Recreation Department, the Huron Community Foundation and the Huron Chamber and Visitors Bureau’s Ambassadors gathered Friday morning to celebrate the planting of trees secured by an AARP Community Challenge grant, at Cook Park in northwest Huron.

HURON — The Huron Housing Authority (HHA) has used a $2,000 AARP Community Challenge grant, and partnered with other groups and the City of Huron to provide and plant trees adjacent to a dog park in Huron.

The trees are the latest addition to Cook Park, at 7th and Ohio NW, which was created by the HHA and the city’s Park and Recreation department several years ago, in response to a demand in the community for an additional dog park, as well as a desire to make use of vacant, unused or unusable lots in residential areas.

“This project will add desperately needed trees to the new dog park,” said Andrea Del Grosso, the executive director of Huron Housing Authority. “The trees will provide shade, improve the aesthetics of the park, enhance neighborhood desirability, and contribute to providing an attractive green space for neighbors to gather.

A total of five large (12-15-foot) oak and maple trees were purchased at East River Nursery and planted by members of the city’s Parks and Rec department on the boulevard outside of the fence that has been installed to contain the off-leash dog park.

A matching donation from the Heartland Garden Club led to the installation of a human/pet water fountain at the park, the city’s Improvement Committee purchased dog playground equipment for the park and the Huron Community Foundation donated funds for an outdoor bulletin board, as well as four pet waste stations, while members of the Beadle County Master Gardeners planted a hedge of brightly colored Ninebark bushes in the area.

The city’s Park and Rec department, along with many volunteers help keep the park tidy and future plans involve the installation of benches beneath the newly planted trees, to provide some shade on the lot.