HHS takes second place in CFC Tournament

Members of the Huron High School Speech & Debate team pose with their second-place and individual trophies following the final CFC Tournament held Saturday in Huron. COURTESY PHOTO

HURON — Huron High School hosted the final Central Forensic Conference (CFC) Tournament on Saturday, with 200 students and coaches from 13 different high schools attending.
The team placed second overall at the end of the tournament.
“We started the day in fourth place in the CFC, but we had a good tournament,” said head coach Mitch Gaffer. “ Our goal was to move into third place, while handling the extra work of hosting the tournament. We exceeded that goal with their second place finish. The coaches are very proud of this team”
“After the 31 year streak of first/second place CFC finishes ended last year, it’s nice the team was able to get back into second. The Huron community has a long history of quality Speech & Debate Teams and has a lot to be proud of.”
Top finishers from Huron were:
• In Varsity Extemp, Nathan Maxted finished fifth.
• In Novice Extemp, Nathan Farmer finished fifth.
• In Duet Interp, Asia Binder and Jayden Ritter finished third.
• In Humorous Interp, Reese Uecker finished third, Nate Lyon finished fourth, and Jackson Trandall Finished fifth.
• In Programmed Oral Interp, Jasmine Snow finished second.
• In Varsity LD Debate, Nate Lyon went 3-1 and finished fourth.
• In Novice LD Debate, Gaby Escobar went 2-2 and finished fourth.
• In Varsity Public Forum Debate, Thomas Mayfield and Nathan Maxted went 3-1 and finished fourth.
• In Novice Public Forum Debate, Kaleb Calkins and Cooper Johnson went 3-1 and finished fourth.
Final Standings of the CFC Conference Season are:
1st- Brookings (333 points)
2nd- Huron (239)
3rd- Mitchell (222)
4th- SF Washington (206)
5th- SF O’Gorman (197)
6th- Yankton (171)
7th- Harrisburg (161)
8th- Lennox (138)
9th- SF Roosevelt (94)
10th- Brandon Valley (78)
11th- SF Christian (73)
12th- Forest Lake (48)
“Hosting a tournament is a lot of work,” Gaffer said. “We had students setting up registration  packets, hanging direct signs, stapling ballots, and all kinds of miscellaneous jobs.  Coaches worked on computer scheduling programs, setting up judge/coach lounge facilities, and working with the Speech and Debate Parents Group with lunch concession sales.
“Running a Speech & Debate Tournament is a big undertaking.  As head coach, I am proud of what the team pulled off this past weekend,” Gaffer added. “We ran a quality tournament this weekend. The tournament offered fair competition to many high schools from around the South Dakota area. We had a quality tournament where everything ran on time … in fact, results were 10 minutes early.”
The next tournament for the team is the Harrisburg Challenge Feb. 8-9.