Hines letter - 11-7-20

To the Editor:

On Oct. 31, shortly after midnight, the Huron Fire Department responded to the report of a fire on the S.D. State Fairgrounds. When we arrived, we found heavy fire conditions at the Beef Complex building.

Firefighters from Huron, Cavour and Wolsey worked diligently to extinguish and contain the fire. The Beef Complex sustained heavy damage to the structure. The Hippodrome, directly across the street, also sustained damage to the exterior of the structure.

After the fire was extinguished, firefighters remained on scene to secure the structure until the investigation into its cause could be completed by the Huron Fire Department, the S.D. Fire Marshal’s office and the S.D. Division of Criminal Investigation.

Through this investigation, it was determined that the fire was accidental in nature. The Fire Marshal’s office will complete its report later.

The City of Huron sustained some substantial losses due to fire in the month of October.

These fires have all been determined to be unintentional in nature.

I personally with to thank the firefighters who have left their families, homes and jobs to assist in the protection of the city and its residents. I also extend a thank you to our local law enforcement, public safety dispatchers, City of Huron Traffic Dept., Water and Sewer, Inspection Dept. and Street Dept, in addition to Northwestern Energy, Beadle County Emergency Management and Highway Dept., for assisting us with all the recent incidents.

Ron Hines
Huron Fire Chief