HRMC Foundation awards scholarships

HURON — Huron Regional Medical Center (HRMC) Foundation announces the recipients of six health care commitment scholarships totaling $49,000, according to Levi Kary, executive director.

“The HRMC Foundation’s aim in providing commitment scholarships is to ensure that the Huron area continues to have quality, dedicated health care staff,” said Kary. “What better way to do that than to support students from right in our own communities who are pursuing degrees in high-need health careers and plan to return home to work.”

2023 HRMC Foundation Commitment Scholarship Recipients:
• Ba Hso – pursuing a degree in License Practical Nursing from Mitchell Technical College.
• Bianca Mari Cassias – pursuing a degree in Registered Nursing from Mitchell Technical College.
• Matdalyn Buffington – pursing a degree in Registered Nursing from Mitchell Technical College.
• Ellie Evans – pursuing a degree in Radiologic Technology from Mitchell Technical College.
• Jaida Klanchnik – pursuing a degree in in Respiratory Therapy from South Dakota State University.
• Lizamarie Feliciano – pursuing a degree in License Practical Nursing from Southeast Technical College.

Scholarship amounts are dependent on the program of study. Those attending qualified technical school programs are eligible to receive Build Dakota funds, in addition to the HRMC Foundation scholarship – which often makes the total support equivalent to a full-ride scholarship. After graduation these students commit to returning to Huron to work in a community medical facility for a set period of time.

In addition to these scholarships, the board also awarded a total of $9,500 in interest scholarships to 26 students from the region who have an interest in a health care career but are not ready to make a commitment to return to Huron for work. These recipients will be announced in the near future.

HRMC Foundation is committed to a Healthy Huron and to ensuring high-quality health care is always available close to home for you, your family and your friends. More information about applying for or financially supporting scholarships through the Foundation is available online at

Not pictured are Bianca Mari Cassias and Lizamarie Feliciano.