Huron Area Junior Festival 2023

HURON — The Huron Area Junior Festival was held Sunday, March 5,  at Bethesda Church.

The event is a program sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs and administered by the South Dakota Federation of Music Clubs. The Festivals program is designed to promote study and stimulate interest in American literature and to encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement..

Participating teachers from the Huron Federated Music Club include Beverly Bigge, Kristi Kattner, Tricia Larson and Barb Valer.

Adjudicators were Tammy Knudtson, Brookings, and Teresa Decker, Huron.

• Piano Solo (Superior Plus): Lydia Beck, Lily Faul, Isabel Gilbert, Lydia Helkenn, Alexandria Hohm, Audri Hohm, Elaina Hohm, Laney Marshall, Nate Navurskis and Ellowyn Schutt    

• Piano Solo (Superior): Rylee Alves, Anna Arhart, Josie Arhart, Avery Ashbaugh, Jonah Beck, Noah Beck, Madalyne Bock, Noah Carr, December Chase, Andrea Estrada, Andrew Fuerst, Maria Gay, Sep Gay, Logan Gerrits, Kate Hamilton, Peter Helkenn, Jonathan Koel, Arianna Langbehn, Emma Langbehn, Blut Kue Ler, Emmersyn McGillvrey, Idella Meyer, Davis Osier, Annie Porter, Maria Porter, America Preston, Samuel Radke, Summer Senska, Blue Law Saw Sah Shee, Elizabeth Sorben, Andrew Wheeler and Caroline Wheeler

• Piano Solo (Excellent): Cameron Cutshaw, Claire Davis, Emily Larson, Mae Randow, Damon Schmidt and James Wheeler

• Piano Hymn (Superior Plus): Lydia Helkenn

• Piano Hymn (Superior): Peter Helkenn

• Piano Duet (Superior): Alexandra Hohm/Audri Hohm