Huron couple make investment in community

PHOTO BY ROGER LARSEN PLAINSMAN Longtime Huron residents Sandra and Jerry Mencke, with Huron Community Foundation president Steve Gohn, after the Menkes made an investment donation to the Foundation.

HURON — Jerry and Sandra Mencke of Huron recently established the “Jerry and Sandra Mencke Family Fund” under the umbrella of the Huron Community Foundation, according to Foundation President Steve Gohn.  
“The Mencke’s have quietly funded projects on their own over the years,” said Gohn. “However, they decided to take the next step and set up a fund to give back to a community where they are lifelong residents.”
Jerry Mencke said they made the contribution because they wanted to belong to an organization that will help fund worthwhile projects. “We want to provide an example for our children and grandchildren so they can experience what they have done in being able to help others,” said Mencke.  
Sandra Mencke added that they wanted to help address Huron’s community needs. “There are many important projects that do not get completed due to a lack of funds available,” said Sandra.  “We wanted to help be a part of the solution and give our family a part in helping to select organizations to receive support from our fund.”  
Gohn said the Huron Community Foundation is honored to have another sub-fund established that will benefit Huron for decades to come, as only the interest is used for grants.  “The Mencke family will make the decision on where they want the funds to go when the grant requests come in for review,” said Gohn.
Jerry worked for International Harvester - later Olsen Implement - for 47 years. Sandra worked for USDA/Rural Development for 27 years. They have been married for 52 years. They have three grown children:  Ken, a computer programmer in Minneapolis; Kurt, a colonel in the Air Force, and Kim DeVries of Huron, a pharmacist. They have eight grandchildren.
The Huron Community Foundation (HCF) is a community savings account which benefits the Huron community.  Individuals, families, and organizations can establish their own fund under the umbrella of HCF as a sub-fund. The HCF in turn invest the funds with the South Dakota Community Foundation, who handles the administration and investment management of individual funds around the state.
For more information about contributing to the Huron Community Foundation, or setting up a dedicated sub-fund, contact Steve Gohn at [email protected] or 605-354-1118.


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