Huron eighth-graders win Big 4 tourney title to cap undefeated season

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO The Huron eighth-grade volleyball team won the title during the Big 4 Tournament held Saturday in Watertown. Front row, from left: Jeselyn Matthews, Taryn Cass, Jencie Goergen, Hylton Heinz and Hailey Rogers. Back row: head coach Kelly Hennrich, Kyla Peskey, Aly Davis, Chloe Carr, Ava Ulvestad, manager Adisyn Zavesky and assistant coach Alexis Urena.

WATERTOWN — The Huron eighth-grade volleyball team went 3-0 to win its second straight Big 4 Tournament championship on Saturday.

It capped a perfect season for the Tigers, who were 14-0. This group of players went 26-1 during their middle school volleyball careers.

Huron opened the tournament with a sweep against Mitchell using set scores of 25-20 and 25-21.

Jencie Goergen led the Tigers with eight kills on 14 of 16 attacks, while Hylton Heinz had five kills on 8 of 8 hits. Aly Davis was 7 of 10 with three kills, while Chloe Carr was 8 of 10 with two kills. Aval Ulvestad and Kyla Peskey each had a kill.

Jeselyn Matthews was 14 of 14 serving with six aces for the Tigers, while Hailey Rogers had three aces on 9 of 10 serves. Heinz, Goergen, Davis and Taryn Cass each had an ace.

Heinz and Goergen each had eight assists, while Davis had a block kill.

With set scores of 25-16 and 25-17, Huron swept Brookings in its second match.

Heinz had five kills on 12 of 13 hits, while Goergen had four kills on 9 of 13 hits and Davis had four kills on 8 of 11 hits.

Rogers was 14 of 14 serving with four aces for the Tigers. Goergen was 5 of 6 with two aces and Matthews was 5 of 7 with two aces. Heinz, Davis and Cass each had an ace.

Goergen and Heinz had six and five assists, respectively, while Carr had a block kill.

In the final match, Huron swept Watertown with set scores of 25-22 and 25-20.

Davis had seven kills on 10 of 12 attacks, while Heinz was 10 of 11 with five kills. Goergen was 14 of 14 with two kills, while Carr was 8 of 9 with two kills and Ulvestad had a kill.

Rogers recorded two aces on 11 of 11 serving, while Heinz, Goergen, Cass and Matthews each had an ace.

Goergen had seven assists, Heinz had five assists and Peskey had a block kill.

The Huron seventh-grade volleyball team went 1-2 during the Big 4 Tournament on Saturday in Watertown.

The Tigers swept Mitchell with set scores of 25-18 and 25-22.

Isabelle Kremer was 14 of 15 serving with 11 aces for Huron. Camdyn Fuch had seven aces on 10 of 11 serving. Olivia Purintun had three aces, while Ava Wambach and Natalie Kinsley each had two aces.

Jaelee Olson was 2 of 2 hitting with two kills for the Tigers. Kremer had a pair of kills, while Kinsley and Fuchs each had a kill.

Brookings defeated Huron with back-to-back set scores of 25-22 and 25-22.

Kremer had five aces for the Tigers on 15 of 16 serving. Kinsley was 4 of 7 with three aces, while Olson and Purintun each had an ace.

Kremer also had seven kills on 8 of 9 attacks, while Fuchs was 2 of 3 with a kill.

Watertown, which won the Big 4 title, swept Huron 25-16 and 25-20.

Kremer led Huron with six aces on 12 of 12 serves and had six kills on 7 of 10 attacks.

Olson had a pair of aces on 3 of 5 serves, while Kinsley was 5 of 7 serving.  Olson was 2 of three hitting with a kill, while Purintun had a kill on 1 of 2 hits and Fuchs was 4 of 6 hitting.


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