Huron finishes 1-1 in triangular

HARRISBURG — The Huron boys’ tennis team ended up on opposite sides in a pair of 5-4 decisions on Monday.

“We struggled in the conditions today but we were able to  pick up a good win against Harrisburg,” Huron coach Tim Hedblom said.

The Tigers were edged 5-4 by Sioux Falls Christian, but rebounded with a 5-4 win against Harrisburg.

Eh Dah at No. 1 and Moo Sher Say at No. 2 each went 2-0 in singles for Huron.

Say then teamed with Roger Puterbaugh to go 2-0 in No. 2 doubles for the Tigers.

“Eh Dah and Moo Sher had a very good day in singles,” Hedblom said.

Huron returns to action with a triangular at 10 a.m. Friday at Huron Courts and then hosts a quadrangular at 9 a.m. Saturday.

Sioux Falls Christian 5, Huron 4

No. 1: Eh Dah, H, def. Landon Levenhagen, 11-10 (7-2)
No. 2: Collin Harmelink, SFC, def. Eh Kalu, 10-5
No. 3: Daniel Puumala, SFC, def. Roger Puterbaugh, 10-7
No. 4: Moo Sher Say, H, def. Jadon Munson, 10-5
No. 5: Easton Prins, SFC, def. Hay Klu Moo Taw, 10-8
No. 6: Gavin Mulder, SFC, def. Lay Kpaw Wah, 10-2
Exh: Jackson Woodward, SFC, def. Lah Doh, 9-8 (7-4)
Exh: Dylan Aukes, SFC, def. Hser Nay Wah, 8-1

No. 1: Lavenhagen/Pauumala, SFCm def. Dah/Kalu, 10-6
No. 2: Puterbaugh/Say, H, def. Harmelink/Munson, 11-9
No. 3: Taw/Wah, H, def. Prins/Mulder, 10-7
Exh: Woodward/Aukes, SFC, def. Doh/Wah, 8-4

Huron 5, Harrisburg 4

No. 1: Eh Dah, H, def. Desmond Looft, 10-8
No. 2: Eh Kalu, H, def. Marcus Hauling, 10-7
No. 3: Roger Puterbaugh, H, def. Alex Rallis, 10-2
No. 4: Moo Sher Say, H, def. Nick Tschudy, 10-8
No. 5: Maverik Rongon, HA, def. Hay Klu Moo Taw, 10-3
No. 6: Jaxon Hunter, HA, def. Lay Kpaw Wah, 11-9
Exh: Nick Anderson, HA, def. Lah Doh, 8-3

No. 1: Looft/Hauling, HA, def. Dah/Kalu, 10-8
No. 2: Puterbaugh/Say, H, def. Tschudy/Rallis, 10-5
No. 3: Hunter/Anderson, HA, def. Taw/Wah, 10-7
Exh: Ptak/Cole, HA, def. Doh/Wah, 8-5



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