Huron High School 2023 athletic awards

PHOTOS BY MIKE CARROLL/PLAINSMAN The major award winners during the Huron High School Athletic Awards program on Thursday at Huron Arena were, from left: EhLer Klay (Dale Westberg “Most Inspirational Athlete” Memorial Award); Reilyn Zavesky (Dennis Busch Memorial Award); Dylan Lichty (Male Athlete of the Year); and Bryn Huber (Sandi Schaffer Memorial Award and Female Athlete of the Year).

Individual Sport Honors
Boys’ Soccer — Ronaldo Pineda (most improved); Ah Lar Sar (Tiger Award); Sha M Sher (most valuable).
Girls’ Soccer — Paw Baw Shae (most improved); Naw Htoo Ywe (Tiger Award); Htee Htoo  (most valuable).
Girls’ Tennis — Ann Hoek (most improved); Bethany Engelhart (Tiger Award); Say Ma  (most valuable).
Boys’ Cross Country — Angel Olivo-Porcayo (most improved); Cheech Harman (Tiger Award); TJ Lien  (most valuable).
Girls’ Cross Country — Lily Meyer (most improved); Victoriah Buffington (Tiger Award); Josie Vlieger  (most valuable).
Competitive Cheer — Eh Dah Paw (most improved); Maria Wilson (Tiger Award); Jillian Reno  (most valuable).
Competitive Dance — Audrina Wiggins (most improved); Emma DeJong (Tiger Award); Kiara Field  (most valuable).
Boys’ Golf — Aiden Glanzer (most improved); no recipient (Tiger Award); Aiden Zavesky  (most valuable).
Football — Mason Davis (most improved); Dylan Lichty (Tiger Award); Quinston Luellman-Clark  (most valuable).
Volleyball — Isabelle Ellwein (most improved); Heavan Gainey (Tiger Award); Bryn Huber  (most valuable).
Gymnastics — Say Ma (most improved); Maria Wilson (Tiger Award); Eastyn Eichstadt  (most valuable).
Girls’ Wrestling — Chalie Sah (most improved); Ehler Klay (Tiger Award); Htee Htoo  (most valuable).
Boys’ Wrestling — Colt Dunkelberger (most improved); Cole Ochsner (Tiger Award); Moses Gross  (most valuable).
Girls’ Basketball — Lizzy Heinen (most improved); Kristen Janes (Tiger Award); Isabelle Ellwein  (most valuable).
Boys’ Basketball — Mason Davis (most improved); Dylan Lichty (Tiger Award);Reilyn Zavesky  (most valuable).
Boys’ Tennis — Lauy Kue Say (most improved); Hay Klu Moo Taw (Tiger Award); Dah Christ Moo  (most valuable).
Girls’ Track/Field — Brynn Gose (most improved); Maria Wilson (Tiger Award); Hamtyn Heinz  (most valuable).
Boys’ Track/Field — Tyson Pfitzer (most improved); Dylan Lichty (Tiger Award); Bryan Ramirez  (most valuable).
Girls’ Golf — Hannah Purintun (most improved); Olivia Rink (Tiger Award); Bryn Huber  (most valuable).

Individual sport Most Valuable Performers

Male Athlete of the Year — Dylan Lichty
Female Athlete of the Year — Bryn Huber

Individual sport Most Improved

Sandi Schaffer Athletic Award — Bryn Huber
Dale Westberg “Most Inspirational Athlete” Award — Eh Ler Klay
Dennis Busch Memorial Award — Reilyn Zavesky

Three Sport Senior Athletes

Three Sport Award — Heavan Gainey; Aiden Glanzer; Bryn Huber; Dylan Lichty; Cole Ochsner; Katelyn Radke; Kenedee Rowen.
Huron Junior Athletics Scholarship — Mason Davis; Dylan Lichty; Cole Ochsner, Tyson Ruth

Friend of Tiger Roar - Brady Kappler

Huron Youth Wrestling Club Scholarship — Cole Ochsner
H-Club Scholarship — Isabelle Ellwein, Heavan Gainey, Dylan Lichty, Mason Davis

Mark Wendelgass Tiger Roar Scholarship Award - Kristen Janes and Tyson Ruth.

Mark Wendelgass Tiger Roar Scholarship Award  — Tyson Ruth and Kristen Janes

Friend of Tiger Roar - PB Sports (Damon Winegar, Connie Winegar and Eileen Waldner).

Friend of Tiger Roar — PB Sports (Connie and Damon Winegar) and Brady Kappler

H-Club Coach of the Year - varsity boys’ soccer and assistant tennis coach Leah Branaugh.

H-Club Coach of the Year — Leah Branaugh

Individual sport Tiger Awards