Huron wins one in final home event

PHOTO BY MIKE CARROLL/PLAINSMAN Huron’s Beth Engelghart reaches for a volley during a No. 2 singles match against Pierre on Saturday during a quadrangular at Huron Courts.

HURON — Audrey Rubish went unbeaten at No. 1 singles for the Huron girls’ tennis team during a quadrangular on Saturday at Huron Courts, which was the final home competition of the season for the Tigers.

Rubish won 10-4 against Ellie Zink for one of Huron’s two wins against Watertown.

Say Ma had the other win for the Tigers at No. 6 singles with a 10-4 victory over Jaida Young.

Rubish won 10-8 over Skylor Ness to lead the Tigers to an 8-1 victory against Brookings.

Bianca Medina at N. 3, AnneClaire Rubish at No. 4, Lizzy Heinen at No. 5 and Ma at No. 6 also had singles wins for Huron.

The Tigers also swept the doubles competition, with Audrey Rubish and Beth Engelhart winning 10-8 at No. 1; Medina and AnneClaire Rubish winning 10-4 at No. 2; and Heinen and Ma combining for a 10-2 win at No. 3.

Audrey Rubish had the lone win for the Tigers against Pierre, winning the No. 1 singles match against Kara Weiss with a 10-6 decision.

Next up for Huron is the Aberdeen Invitational at 9 a.m., on Saturday.

Watertown 7, Huron 2

No. 1: Audrey Rubish, H, def. Ellie Zink, 10-4
No. 2: Josia Heyn, W, def. Beth Engelhart, 10-6
No. 3: Sadie Moran, W, def. Bianca Medina, 10-5
No. 4: Allison Rokusek, W, def. AnneClaire Rubish, 10-5
No. 5: Grace Ortmeier, W, def. Lizzy Heinen, 10-3
No. 6: Say Ma, H, def. Jaida Young, 10-4
Exh: Jahea Meester, W, def. Ann Hoek, 8-6

No. 1: Zink/Moran, W, def. A. Rubish/Engelhart, 10-5
No. 2: Heyn/Young, W, def. Medina/AC Rubish, 10-5
No. 3: Ortmeier/Layla Meester, W, def. Heinen/Ma, 11-9
Exh: J. Meester/Rokusek, W, def. Hoek/Paw Ler Htoo, 8-1

Huron 8, Brookings 1

No. 1: Audrey Rubish, H, def. Skylor Ness, 10-8
No. 2: Lynn Foster, B, def. Beth Engelhart, 10-2
No. 3: Bianca Medina, H, def. Tristina Ting, 10-4
No. 4: AnneClaire Rubish, H, def. Paige Foster, 10-3
No. 5: Lizzy Heinen, H, def. Brea Tonsager, 10-6
No. 6: Say Ma, H, def. Heather Rudd, 10-3

No. 1: A. Rubish/Engelhart, H, def. Ness/Ting, 10-8
No. 2: Medina/AC Rubish, H, def. Foster/Foster, 10-4
No. 3: Heinen/Ma, H, def. Tonsager/Rudd, 10-2

Pierre 8, Huron 1

No. 1: Audrey Rubish, H, def. Kara Weiss, 10-6
No. 2: Sydney Tedrow, P, def. Beth Engelhart, 10-1
No. 3: Marlee Shorter, P, def. Bianca Medina, 10-1
No. 4: Jocelyn Corrales, P, def. AnneClaire Rubish, 10-5
No. 5: Kourtney Walti, P, def. Lizzy Heinen, 10-3
No. 6: Carissa Ott, P, def. Say Ma, 10-6
Exh: Caitlin Ott, P, def. Paw Ler Htoo, 8-0

No. 1: Weiss/Tedrow, P, def. A. Rubish/Engelhart, 11-9
No. 2: Shorter/Gracie Zeeb, P, def. Medina/AC Rubish, 10-7
No. 3: Corrales/Ott, P, def. Heinen/Ma, 10-5
Exh: Ott/Walti, P, def. Ann Hoek/Htoo, 8-0


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