Huron wins pair of matches at Mitchell Quadrangular

MITCHELL — The Huron boys’ tennis team collected wins in two of its three matches during the Mitchell Quadrangular on Friday.
The Tigers blanked Vermillion 9-0, edged Madison 5-4 and suffered a 9-0 setback against Mitchell to finish 2-1 on the day.
“Everyone played well against Vermillion, but I felt that we came out very flat against Mitchell,” Huron coach Tim Hedblom said. “We still need to work on being more aggressive and consistent.”
Henry Rubish at No. 2, Tyler Sterrett at No. 3, Landon Claeys at No. 4 and Brenden Schlader at No. 5 all had a pair of singles wins for the Tigers.
“I thought Henry, Tyler and Brenden each did a great job of controlling their matches,” Hedblom said. “Landon battled back from a 7-1 deficit to win 10-7 against Madison.”
Schlader and Reese Uecker combined for a 10-2 win in No. 3 doubles to clinch the victory for Huron in its match against Madison.
Next up for the Tigers is the Pierre Triangular at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.  

Mitchell 9, Huron 0
No. 1: Jacob Dahme, M, def. Blake Meyer, 10-1
No. 2: Carter Cavanaugh, M, def. Henry Rubish, 10-1
No. 3: Jared Suelflow, M, def. Tyler Sterrett, 10-2
No. 4: Adam Loes, M, def. Landon Claeys, 10-0
No. 5: Baley Miller, M, def. Brenden Schlader, 10-7
No. 6: Kade Clark, M, def. Reese Uecker, 10-2
No. 1: Dahme/Cavanaugh, M, def. Meyer/Sterrett, 10-1
No. 2: Suelflow/Loes, M, def. Rubish/Claeys, 10-3
No. 3: Miller/Alex Bergeson, M, def. Schlader/Uecker, 10-1

Huron 5, Madison 4
No. 1: Kevin Shan, M,  def. Blake Meyer, 10-1
No. 2: Henry Rubish, H, def. Derek Bierschbach, 10-1
No. 3: Tyler Sterrett, H, def. Marcus VandenBosch, 10-4
No. 4: Landon Claeys, H, def. David Pimentel, 10-7
No. 5: Brenden Schlader, H, def. Bryce Eimers, 10-1
No. 6: Jerron DeJabet, M, def. Reese Uecker, 10-8
Exh: Kevin Baltzer, H, def. Nic Kessler, 8-1
Exh: Tyrese Theus, H, def. Chase Zingmark, 8-1
No. 1: Shan/Bierschbach, M, def. Meyer/Sterrett, 10-3
No. 2: VandenBosch/Pimentel, M, def. Rubish/Claeys, 11-9
No. 3: Schlader/Uecker, H, def. Eimers/DeJabet, 10-2
Exh: Theus/Roger Puterbaugh, H, def. Blake Kennington/Zingmark, 8-3

Huron 9, Vermillion 0
No. 1: Blake Meyer, H, def. Avery Mallet, 10-1
No. 2: Henry Rubish, H, def. Joel Van Peursem, 10-1
No. 3: Tyler Sterrett, H, def. Owen Mechling, 10-0
No. 4: Landon Claeys, H, def. Liam Mechling, 10-0
No. 5: Brenden Schlader, H, def. Ross Dahloff, 10-0
No. 6: Reese Uecker, H, def. Harrison Freeman, 10-6
No. 1: Meyer/Sterrett, H, def. Mallet/Van Peursem, 10-0
No. 2: Rubish/Claeys, H, def. O. Mechling/L. Mechling, 10-1
No. 3: Schlader/Uecker, H, def. Dahloff/Freeman, 10-1
Exh: Tyrese Theus/Kevin Baltzer, H, def. Tyler Hauck/Nic Harris, 8-3

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