In support of Rich Bragg

To the Editor:

Next month we have an election with one non-partisan city commission seat on the ballot.

I was intrigued by a candidate who surfaced; a small businessman, husband and a father with young kids. You do not see that very often in city government, and I really like the idea.

Rich Bragg came to Huron 15 years ago to open a business, generate a payroll, and serve the Huron region with goods and services. Running a small business in good and bad times teaches one valuable life lessons. You learn how to be a promoter and to live within a budget; two fantastic attributes that can also be beneficial in participating in local government.

I do believe we have a very dedicated sitting city commission, and each brings a variety of experiences from their respective professions. However, a proven and fresh new business mind can only improve the group. Rich would bring that much-needed business mind to the city commission.

June 2 is election-day; please remember to vote, and join me in voting for Rich Bragg.

Bush Fullerton,