Increased Kingsbury cases fuel jump in Heartland active cases

HURON — The state continues to see active COVID-19 cases rise, and the Heartland recorded another notable jump in Friday’s numbers from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH).

The state reported 213 new positive cases, one new death, and 156 new recovered cases. This led to active cases in the state rising by 52 to 2,480.

Friday’s DOH numbers showed Beadle County active cases actually down, in contrast to the state trends. The county added one new positive case and two new recovered cases, meaning the active virus cases for Beadle went down one to 51.

Kingsbury County has added 35 new positive cases since Tuesday, and the county’s active cases are the highest of any of the seven counties in the Heartland Region, with 59 active cases in Kingsbury.

The Heartland saw active cases jump from 149 to 166 in Friday’s DOH numbers.


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