Leadership Huron focuses on ‘Random Acts of Kindness’

Members share stories and hopes for the Huron community through projects

HURON — The Leadership Huron class members’ special presentations, “Love Huron,” took place Thursday afternoon at the Community Campus.
Erica Woodbury, program director, and Charolette Henly, open door consultant, introduced the event and class members, and Mayor Paul Aylward handed out graduation trophies to all the course participants after their presentations.
Henly explains that previous years presentations have been two- or three-minutes long, but this year required more structure and thought as the time was increased to five minutes.
“We thought, you know what, let’s up the anti,” Henly said. Each group or individual shared stories, experiences, and hopes for the Huron Community through their projects.
The basis for the projects was “Random Acts of Kindness,” and each presentation had its own theme.
The first presentation was given by Tara Houck of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who’s theme was “Love Huron and It Will Inspire You.”
John Pfitzer of Avail Wealth Management gave the second presentation and his theme was “Perception Is Reality.” Justin Lindquist, class president, from Hub International, gave the third presentation and his theme was “What’s In It For Me.”
“Get past ‘what’s in it for me’ and have a ‘how can I help’ mentality,” Lindquist said.
 The fourth presentation was given by two speakers, Jake Lindgren of Edward Jones, and Whitney Ward of American Bank and Trust, with the theme, “Perception — The way we see the world is our choice.”
Levi Kary was the fifth speaker at the event, with the theme “Make It The Town You Want To Live In.”
Dave Harrington of True North Steel and Kristin Cronin of City of Huron gave their presentation with the theme, “Roots and Wings.”
The seventh presentation was given by Amy Fullerton of Huron Housing and Redevelopment and Ashley Frankfurth of Community Counselling Services and their theme was “Building Relationships.”
“Dig your Roots” was the basis for the eighth presentation by Amy Williams of Pro Cellular, and Courtney Guericke of Dakota Provisions. The final presentation was given by Joel Wold of Huron Welding, with the theme “Great Leaders.”
Participants expressed their wonderful thoughts and experiences of the Leadership Huron course, the city of Huron itself, and all the ways people can come together as a community to do good for each other, and keep moving forward.