Let the bell ring

As the 2017-2018 school year approaches fast, Superintendent Terry Nebelsick and the Huron School District focus on growth for both students and staff with goal setting and training, developing curriculum and making the most of school for each and every student.
All of the district’s teachers and administrators from kindergarten through high school attended special training sessions at the end of June called Response to Intervention.
“My understanding of this concept is that we ought to be able to project how students learn, how they behave, and what type of interventions we need to have in place to assure the very best chance that every student will succeed and eventually graduate,” Nebelsick said. “After receiving the training, each group — elementary, middle school and high school, developed with their principle a plan to move forward with meeting the needs of individual students.
“Another focus of our district will be on using data about essential learning in order to develop curriculum and instructional strategies,” he explained. “Our focus is on taking the individual student from wherever they are at the beginning of the year and moving them forward, so that they grow as much as possible in the nine months that we have them.”
Behind this focus on equipping students to learn and grow as individuals, the final goal of graduation is still very much in sight.
“We continue to emphasize the graduating year for every student,” Nebelsick said. “As we know, that it is critical for every student and their family to focus on graduating and doing what it takes to get there.”
All of this work aligns with the student achievement goals that have been set by the Board of Education.
The first day of school is right around the corner, on Tuesday, Sep. 5. Orientation for new faculty begins on Monday, Aug. 21, then the entire faculty joins them for professional development training from Aug. 28-31.