Letellier letter to editor 12-9-20

To the Editor:

Reading Lauri Kellman’s column in the Nov. 30 Plainsman, on Jill Biden, it seemed that she hasn’t kept up with the COVID-19 news.

Jill and Joe Biden won’t have to develop a system to get the “pandemic under control.” President Trump’s Project Warp Speed has alread produced at least two COVID-19 vaccines. Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls installed special coolers in September for the Pfizer vaccine. The airlines have begun flying the vaccine to the United States, unloading it and heading back for another batch. I imagine it will be the same for Moderna.

The Bidens may try to claim credit, but it was President Trump’s foresight and business sense that got the vaccine, in record time, to save thousands of lives, not to mention the thousands saved when he put the travel ban on China at the start.

I believe President Trump’s legacy will be the vaccine, the hostages that he brought home and the roaring economy with record low employment.                                             

Beverly Letellier



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