Letter - Appel 5-9-22

To the Editor:

As a Spink County voter and the Sergeant of the Spink County Sheriff’s Office, I’m honored to stand by Sheriff Frank Krumm, and I urge the citizens of Spink County to continue to support him and re-elect him as Spink County’s Sheriff.

With over 35 years of law enforcement experience, I believe Sheriff Krumm is undoubtedly the most qualified for this job. He began his career in law enforcement with the South Dakota Highway Patrol in 1986 and retired in good standing from the Highway Patrol in 2014. Sheriff Krumm began working part-time for the Spink County Sheriff’s Office, primarily for civil service in 2014. In 2018, Frank Krumm was elected Sheriff and took office in January 2019.

Over the past three years, I’ve enjoyed working for Sheriff Krumm and here is why. Sheriff Krumm has a strong moral character that I respect. Sheriff Krumm is transparent when it comes to what he expects of his Deputies.

He is meticulous when it comes to the Sheriff’s Office budget, making sure your tax dollars are spent wisely.

Sheriff Krumm is open minded and accepting of new ideas for the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Krumm serves with integrity and is a boots-on-the-ground kind of leader. Sheriff Krumm is not a Monday thru Friday, 8-5 Sheriff.

Sheriff Krumm is constantly putting in extra hours transporting inmates and coming out as back up for his Deputies in need. By doing this Sheriff Krumm is saving the County countless amounts of money that would have been paid out in overtime had a Deputy been called out.

Sheriff Krumm’s number one goal is to serve the citizens of Spink County and I can tell you that is exactly what he has done for the past three years and will continue to do if re-elected.

Jenna Appel


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