Letter - Barnes 11-12-22

To the Editor:

I’m tired of criticizing politicians and for those of us who do, here’s some words to ponder which I know are true:

• Tomorrow never comes but eternity does, are you ready?

• If you were fabulously wealthy and came down with an incurable disease, would you blame God? After all, he gave you the ability to earn all that money.

• If 57 million people die annually without Christ, our mission field is tremendous.

• When times are tough we pray, what about the good times?

• If you have received the gift of salvation your sins are forgiven, so quit reminding yourself of them and be thankful.

• Christ came down from the throne of Heaven, lived among man for 33 years, willingly went to the cross to die for our sins, rose again three days later and now intercedes for us. Oh, what a Savior.

• Most of the world believes in a god. Even the devil believes in the one true God. It takes more than head knowledge to get into Heaven.

Bill Barnes


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