Letter - Biel 11-20-21

To the Editor:

DEER DEER DEER                 

This week it has been reported that a percentage of South Dakota’s deer population are testing positive for COVID-19.

So on Nov. 20, South Dakota’s opening day of rifle season, I encourage everyone to help vaccinate the deer by giving them a good shot!  But please do not shoot any deer wearing a mask and take a chance on getting caught by our friendly game wardens.  

The more deer that get this special vaccination will help grow the deer population in this state. I’ve seen many articles by our out of touch Game, Fish and Parks that says we need more deer in this state. Deer spell death to motorcycle drivers during summer months. Our state is only number four in the nation for deer hits and a high percentage of the semi-tractor deer hits never ever get reported. So if the truckers would report their deer hits, well you do the math!

This is the current list of states with deer hits per vehicle:  
West Virginia (1 in 38)
Montana (1 in 48)
Pennsylvania (1 in 52)
South Dakota (1 in 54)
Iowa (1 in 55)

The state says an average deer hit causes over 5,000 ‘bucks’ in vehicle damage.  So what should the citizens of S.D. do to correct our deer problem?  

Dick Biel


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