Letter - Biel 5-7-22

To the Editor:

Did you know?    

You are actually about 9 months older than your birth date? Ultrasounds today verify that our heart start beating 18 days after conception. At 2 months old we are 2 inches long and our organs are functioning. Skeletal development shows my cartilage was changing to bone, 40 muscle sets were forming and my central nervous system was developing rapidly as I felt sensations around me. My external features - ears, nose, lips, tongue, fingers and toes - were present. I did my first dance in a watery world and they called me a fetus.

By 3 months I was 3 inches tall. I slept and was awake off and on while my fingers and toes were formed, giving me my own identity. I received oxygen and food through my Mom’s umbilical cord for nourishment and I continued to grow, suck my thumb and make a fist. I was developing into a beautiful baby.

At 5 months I was 12 inches long, kicked hard enough so Mom could feel me move and stretch and I was strong enough to be born and survive today.

At 7 months of age my senses like tasting, touching, coughing, yawning, hiccups are all working. Heck, I can even recognize Mom’s voice! She also blessed me with antibodies, providing me with immunities for good health after my birth.

About 9 months of age I decided to move on and be born. So my head shifted to a head-down position and voila, I was born on my birthday, which I now celebrate yearly. I continue to add 9 months to my birthdate because I would not be here today if those days were not counted.

Don’t forget to tell your Mother this Mother’s Day, “Thank you Mom for giving me life!”

Dick Biel


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