Letter - Busch 4-2

To the Editor:

Let’s start with Biden’s speech where he “lied” and said Trump left office without a plan to deal with the COVID virus. So how did Biden receive the vaccine shots before Trump left office? Then, Biden holds a press conference 64 days after taking office. Why so long?

Biden had to have “notes” to refer to and only called on certain media people, which didn’t include “Fox News!”
Biden’s mind continues to get “worse” each day. He stumbled up three steps getting on a plane and his press secretary claimed that the “wind” caused it. Yeah, right.

Biden won’t allow the media in to see the conditions the migrant kids are staying in. Twelve and 13-year old girls are given “birth control” before leaving their home country. Migrants are turned loose in the U.S. after testing positive for COVID. Biden wants to change “gun laws” but criminals will get guns. Our national debt is $28 trillion thanks to Biden. Now he wants another $3 trillion for infrastructure, then comes more for the “Green New Deal.”

You people who voted for Biden, how’s he doing so far?

Biden and the Democrats want to pass the HR1 bill, so they can change the voting laws to benefit them. The Democrats, Biden and the media need to “stop” accusing the Republicans of “racism” because they don’t go along with their ideas.

Biden has “opened borders” and schools are “closed.” Biden plans to give migrants stimulus money. No way - they need to support themselves.

Mr. Barnes claims that C-Span said he started a “new party,” which is a lie. Mary Skelton must not have watched the Democratic debate and heard Kamala Harris call Biden a “sexist” and a “racist.” She referred to Trump, but didn’t say a thing about Biden.

Michael Busch


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