Letter - Busch 9-2-23

To the Editor:

As each day goes by, we get more proof on the Biden’s money deals. We now know more about Hunter’s partner, Devon Archer. He told us that Joe Biden called Hunter about 20 times over a decade, while Hunter was meeting with foreign associates. Joe also reportedly attended in-person business meetings with Hunter’s partners from China and Russia.

The purpose of these phone calls and in-person appearances by Joe, was, according to Archer, to sell “the brand” to foreign nationals. These phone calls and personal meetings were not random family check-ins.

Even family time is carefully planned, and only a “fool” would think that Joe’s time given to Hunter just happened accidentally.

Hunter raked in millions selling “the brand’ for his influence-pedaling business. We know that Joe and Hunter each received $5 million from Burisma and that they have millions in overseas banks.

According to financial documents obtained by chairman James Comer from the oversight committee, those documents were shared with the Biden family members through numerous shell companies.

These facts paint an extremely troubling picture for Joe, which is why he repeatedly lied about the extent of Hunter’s “brand” profiteering throughout the campaign.

Democrats such as Dan Goldmen of New York and Jamie Raskin of Maryland have been reduced to arguing that while Joe did talk with Hunter’s partners, the conversations were only casual and no business was discussed.

Yeah, right.

More investigations are warranted, to see if Hunter ever asked his father for any official favors. Joe has clearly lied about dealing with Hunter and Joe should be held politically accountable.

Joe said, “My son has not made money in terms of China,” during the second presidential debate. We know now this is false. Hunter said his father was vice president and that he failed to pay taxes.

Michael Busch