Letter - Danek 11-16

Dear Editor:

This week, Nov. 16 -20 marked American Education Week.  The women of Delta Kappa Gamma would like to take this time to tell all the educators in our region how much you are appreciated.  Administration, teachers, and support staff have worked under very trying conditions.  All of that time making sure the students under their care were educated and taken care of.

Do not think for a minute that when the student is at home on a computer screen or in the classroom that their teachers didn’t care how they are doing academically or emotionally.

Teachers know that for some students, school is the safest place they can be.

So as this year progresses, we hope that face-to-face classes can continue, but we know that the educators in our area are ready to face any challenge.

Thank you for everything you do.


Candace Danek, President, Delta (Huron) Chapter
Delta Kappa Gamma International