Letter - Eide 8-25-23

To the Editor:

Dakota Energy wanted to get out of its contract with East River, to purchase power from a for-profit power broker called Guzman Energy. Then turn around and rent the transmission lines and substations back from East River.

Does this make any sense? East River refused to allow the contract to be broken, to protect the interests of Dakota Energy members. Dakota Energy sued East River in district court to get out of the contract anyway and lost. Dakota Energy appealed the decision and lost again.

In the meantime, 300 Dakota Energy members asked for a vote before leaving East River. Instead of honoring the request, Dakota Energy sued its own members to avoid the vote.

Dakota Energy’s meritless lawsuits cost East River and Basin Electric about $5 million, which Dakota Energy and other co-op members will have to pay for. They refuse to disclose the legal fees incurred by Dakota Energy. How many millions was spent? Dakota Energy members are now stuck with the bill…..all for nothing. To top it off, there were no power cost savings by leaving East River in the first place.

Last year we elected three new board members. Trying to avert this, Dakota Energy sent off color postcards and letters to some members in a feeble attempt to solicit votes for incumbent directors. Yes, this happened, unbelievably, for a co-op election.

Dakota Energy does not have the fortitude to hold a face-to-face annual meeting to answer tough questions. So, there will be another drive through vote, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 29, at these locations:
• Dakota Energy, 40294 US Hwy 14,
• Dakota Energy, 1003 N. Broadway Ave.,

• Highmore Auditorium,
125 2nd St.,

Please vote for these three candidates:
• Brian Baum
• Brian Bonebright
• Doug Schaefers

Dave Eide