Letter - Folk 11-12-22

To the Editor:

Dakota Energy and Guzman Energy are pushing “green energy”. Do you know that wind and solar energy are not sustainable? This means they have to be subsidized. Wind and solar energy are dependent on weather conditions.

Electrical usage must match generation or the system would collapse. Hydro, gas, nuclear and coal generation has to be available for back up. We need varying sources of generation to cover various weather and power system conditions. The backup costs are also part of your energy price.  

There is a big push for battery or pumped water storage of energy. Battery storage of energy has not been perfected. Batteries would require mining a lot more lithium. (Look up the environmental concerns of mining lithium.) Also, pumping water for storage also uses energy and requires fluctuating storage areas.   There are losses in converting alternating current energy (AC which we have in our homes) into direct current and reversing this procedure. There are line losses in transmitting power and energy so transmitting large distances is limited.  

Also transmitting energy can be limited due to congestion on the transmission lines. Congestion can be from existing loads, equipment failures, maintenance, replacements, weather conditions, converting vehicles and heating from other sources, adding new generation, etc. Costs for transmitting energy, regulating loads and operating the system are also part of your energy price.  

Green energy (wind and solar) isn’t the total answer to the problems. Is the emphasis on “green” energy degrading reliability?  

If Dakota Energy Board and management really appreciated their members (membership appreciation luncheon Nov. 15-16), they would not be making secretive agreements, degrading existing conditions, hiding information, or providing misinformation (or no information) to the member-owners.  The Dakota Energy Board should NOT be using executive sessions to hide their actions from the members/owners.  

Twyla Folk


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