Letter - Gross 11-18-22

To the Editor:

Dear Three Stooges: Moe, Larry and Curly. I must say I am growing tired of you three’s dribble.

After reading your opinions in the Plainsman on Nov. 1, I can’t help myself! I have to respond.

First, apologies to my brother - sorry, you know I can’t help myself.

It’s time to put my biggest pet peeve to rest Mr. Schmidt. Have you ever met Mr. Busch and talked to him?

I had the great privilege of meeting him this summer and found him to be a very nice, intelligent person.

He is too much a gentlemen to reply to your accusations of using ‘Faux News’ as his source of information.

I happen to know for a fact that he uses The Epoch Times as his source of information, a very fair newspaper, without any agenda other than telling us what is really going on this devil’s world we live in.

Please, write something for the Opinion page that is knowledgeable, rather than the same garbage you three are spewing out. I am also a Christian - not a very good one by the way - but I am trying mightily to work on becoming one in due time. I am learning one thing though; our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the maker of history.

That is why I don’t sweat the small stuff in this world. We are not the ‘United States of America’ any more, but are instead the ‘Divided States of America.’ This is thanks to the one and only real enemy, the devil, and our sinful nature.

I must come to an end of my opinion, as I am running of out of the allowable number of words, unfortunately.

God help us.

Archie Gross


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