Letter - Hart 11-22-21

To the Editor:

We are all familiar with bullying, especially in our schools. In my opinion that is exactly what Dakota Energy leadership and their attorneys are doing to its members and anyone that opposes their agenda.

Is this how other cooperatives are managed? Is this how a co-op should be governed? Everything concerned member owners do that opposes their agenda is blocked or delayed by DE and its attorneys.

Why? Is it because they have something to hide? They obviously don’t want anyone to know the truth.

Why the subpoenas, depositions, court orders, motions to compel and lawsuits against its members? DE is convinced that ERC is paying myself and the 17 other member owners that oppose their agenda to derail their efforts. Nothing could be further from the truth and anyone that attended the Oct. 26 meeting  knows that. As I stated in an earlier Letter to the Editor, I do not have a dog in this hunt, but I have lifelong knowledge and experience in the electric utility industry and I believe that dismantling a non-profit co-op and partnering with a for-profit corporation is not in the members best interests.

Myself and other concerned members are footing the bill for all of the expenses incurred with the purpose of giving the member owners an opportunity to vote on this all important issue. Bruce Kramer, CEO of Crow Wing Power stated in their October newsletter, “The Cooperative is the best plan of organization, every person has one vote and only one vote.”

Why are DE  member owners being denied this right? As I see it, DE has created a modern day version of David vs Goliath and we all know how that ended.

Douglas Hart
Emily, Minn.


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