Letter - Hart 5-11-22

To the Editor:

Dakota Energy members. Your current leadership has taken you down a path of destruction, but on June 14 you will have the opportunity to change that path by electing three new members to the Board of Directors.

Tom Baruth, Nick Nemec and Darrel Raschke are all men of the highest integrity with deep roots in the farming community, highly educated with college degrees, and all have previously served on various boards so they are experienced in the process.

Nick and Darrel are veterans who served their country and Tom has served the Lord in many capacities at his church. They would like the opportunity to give you, the member owners, your voice and vote back as required in the bylaws, but taken away by the current leadership to pursue their personal agenda.

In regards to Jeff Madison’s April 15 letter, your distorted interpretation of my April 2 letter gave me a good laugh. In all of my letters I have never attempted to undermine one single DE employee’s integrity. I worked in the industry my entire career, in many capacities, and I know what it takes to get the job done. In the referenced letter I simply said “It is in my opinion that DE should not be in the electrical contracting business.” I would suggest you educate yourself on the meaning of the word hypocrite.

Sharing my opinion and knowledge does not  make me a hypocrite, nor does endorsing a potential candidate. It appears to me that you may have some insecurity issues to deal with. It is the entire DE Board and leadership that should be apologizing to the member owners and employees for the behavior you have exhibited, not myself.

On June 14, vote for honesty, integrity and transparency. Vote Baruth, Nemec and Raschke.

Douglas Hart
Emily, Minn.


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