Letter - Kleinsasser 10-14

To the Editor:

As a former South Dakota legislator, who served in the House and Senate from 1978-1988, I want to ask District 22 voters to join me in voting to elect Lynn Schneider to the S.D. House of Representatives on Nov. 3.

I have known Lynn for more than 40 years and his wife, Gloria, all her life.

He has served his family, his community, his employer, employees, clients and his church with the highest degree of integrity and sincerest commitment.

His leadership experience has been proven many times over the years, whether financing farmers and businesses in tough times and good times, leading school boards, the hospital board and local economic development boards.

Lynn’s listening and guidance skills are needed in Pierre, especially now, during this time of economic and health safety uncertainty.

Please join me in voting for Lynn Schneider on Nov. 3.

Leland Kleinsasser


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