Letter - Kloucek 5-9-22

To the Editor:

S.D. State Senator Carrol “Red” Allen was a giant of a man, not just in stature but in life.

His hard work ethic, common sense, strong belief in faith, strong love for his family and willingness to help others by way of public service were a few of his outstanding attributes. Because of his example and leadership people like Senator Bernie Hunhoff, Senator Garry Moore and I became involved in politics.

Red Allen was a legend. He stood up for the common person. He never once profited personally from politics. He set the standard for what is good and right about South Dakota.

Senator Allen would look at issues, see how they impacted the average South Dakotan on a daily basis, and vote accordingly. Senator Allen had a huge positive influence on our family’s life and I wish to thank each one of his family members for sharing him with us and the people of South Dakota.

There’s a saying in Nebraska “Go Big Red” in support of the Cornhuskers football team. We utilized the saying for many years in support of Senator Carrol “Red” Allen.

One of my fondest memories was when Red was a Senator. Garry Moore and I were Representatives and we would take turns driving to and from Pierre during legislative session. Red drove a huge SUV and we rode in style. We would discuss the issues of the day and life in general. They were clearly the most enjoyable trips to our state capitol I ever had.

He truly was a shining light for the citizens of South Dakota. He went through the same trials, struggles and tribulations that so many of us do. He inspired others to do great things by setting an example for us to follow.

Adios, Senator Allen. Go Big Red!

Frank Kloucek