Letter - Lloyd 2-17-21

To the Editor:
What is it that these Democrats hate about Trump? His age and four years to wait point to the fact he will never be president again, but these Democrats will not stop. They have been against him from day one. Never went along with any of his ideas. Why? I didn’t think much of him before but I like the way he handled being President. The news people hate him also. At least once a week you will see an article by the Associated Press starting with WASHINGTON and it will somehow bash Trump.They claim to get their info from, that survey, or, a majority of Americans. Why can’t I be in on the majority or a survey?                 

Biden is doing nothing but looking at everything Trump did then he changes it. And he is in such a hurry. Like the one senator said, if Biden wanted to get to work he should give Trump a pardon.

Then he should have told everyone with ties to the big game not to have it. That amount of people packed together jumping yelling, if this virus is so bad, this game will be a spot that it will spread to lots of people.

Jay Lloyd


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