Letter - Lloyd 4-30-21

To the Editor:

This garbage about the auction over in Faith. Any plain, open-minded person should be able to read that and know it has nothing to do with racism. But today’s society is so full of people who can’t wait to complain and no one tells them to shut up.

Then these religious people complain about our governor. Someone needs to tell them what she did has nothing to do with religion. They could ask them to open their churches and homes to contain these illegal aliens until they are Americans.

It feels good to know we have a governor who is not going to let this mess at that southern border get into our state. There is a system those illegal immigrants can go through to be an American.

Biden acts like he is helping those people. He just made a big mess out of everything.

Trump’s plan might not have been perfect, but at least he had some kind of plan.

Jay Lloyd



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