Letter - Puterbaugh 10-12

To the Editor:

I believe that truth is something that has been real, is real today and always will be. Truth is like gravity, it exists whether you accept its force or not. Scientists have discovered that life begins at conception.

I believe that:
…at conception (week one) we are smaller than a grain of sugar and we became an unrepeatable human being with our own DNA.
…during the first month of life we grew 10,000 times the size of our original cell and our heart starts beating.
…at 2 months we are about the size of a thumb and every organ is developing – we just need time to mature.
…at 3 months our length is about three inches and we weigh two ounces. We can squint, swallow, and  move our tongue and yes, suck our thumb.
…at 4 months our brain is maturing and we absorb nutrients from our mother’s blood.
…at 5 months our mother felt us kick.
…at 6 months we would have a good survival rate if born.
…at 7 months we can use four of our senses — seeing, tasting, touching and hearing. We can also cough, yawn, and have the hiccups.
….at 8 months our lungs are fully developed and we like to listen to our Mommy’s voice.
….at 9 months we are ready for the world — able to breathe air on our own.

Respect human life and the beautiful potential of all people. These lives are worth protecting. Vote for Life!

Ann Puterbaugh


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