Letter - Rubish and Pyle

To the Editor:

And to the Huron community. The Huron Post Prom Committee thanks the many parents and businesses that donated money, food, drinks, and time to make this event happen.

Especially in this difficult year, the generosity of our community is heart-warming and so very appreciated. This year’s committee set a goal to purchase all of our food and prizes locally, and we were able to accomplish that goal, keeping the money that was donated right here in town.

Huron parents have been hosting Post Prom for more than 30 years, with the main goal being to give kids a safe and fun place to go after prom. This year, “Gabriel the Hypnotist” told the students that he’s been to a lot of Post Proms, but he’s never seen one where parents go all out like Huron’s.

Each year’s committee builds upon what has been done before.  There have been different locations, different games, different prizes or food, and of course, different kids and parents. The one constant is that none of it could happen without the support of this community.

Thanks very much.

Sarah Rubish and Shari Pyle
Co-Chairs of Post Prom Committee



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