Letter - Schmidt 8-1-22

To the Editor:

It’s nice to start out a new month with some truth. That’s something Mr. Busch has a hard time doing, and his last letter had some “whoppers.”

He claimed that the White House hadn’t met with oil company CEOs. (False) On the week of June 13, Biden sent out letters to oil company executives to invite them for a meeting at the White House the following week, and CEOs from BP, PLC, Chevron, and Phillips 66 attended the meeting with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to discuss oil production and pricing. That’s her job.

Our friend also claims that the January 6th hearing is a Democratic sham. (False) Those testifying were Trump’s family members, the Attorney General, Trump’s White House Counsel, his advisors, his staff, and their aides. Are any of these Democrats? I doubt it. Much of the time questioning these people were Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who are both Republicans, so how can this be a Democratic sham? Only if you’re told so by Faux News, or you didn’t watch it at all!

Another dandy is that “Mr. Disappearing Bone Spur” ordered 20,000 troops before the riot, and that the D.C. Mayor, and Pelosi wouldn’t allow it. (Lie) Pelosi is the “Speaker of the House,” and our porn star popping ex-President was “Commander-in-Chief.” Nancy Pelosi would have no authority in this case.

Was someone sleeping during government class? Trump wanted no troops at his riot to stop it. He was begged by his counsel, Pat Cipollone, and even Sean Hannity to stop the riot, but he did not. VP Pence had to call the troops after rioters were already in the Capitol Building, and much of the damage was done.

This ex-President should never be in power again. I say: “lock him up-lock him up-lock him up.”

Don Schmidt


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