Letter - Smith 5-13-22

To the Editor:

During my life I’ve seen and experienced a lot of things. One thing I’ve learned is to spot a political con job.
Amendment C will do great damage to the people’s ability to utilize the Initiated Measure process. This is a Constitutional Amendment that can’t be changed by the Legislature.

The blatant attempt to get this amendment passed by placing it on the June 7 primary ballot is designed for low voter turnout. If passed it will be possible for a minority of 40% to defeat a majority. It’s not any reasonable example of how a democracy is supposed to work. It’s autocratic minority rule.

This is a pig. Supporters have sprayed it with perfume but it’s still a pig. It’s a con. Watch the pea as they shuffle the thimbles.

You know what I’d like to see; all politicians complaining about out-of-state interference in South Dakota, return all their out-of-state campaign contributions. Learn to campaign on South Dakota money, absent Koch and Sanford.

Get out and vote no on Amendment C.

Mark S. Smith


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