Letter - Smith 8-3-22

To the Editor:

Last month I shared a list of items I hoped our gubernatorial candidates would reflect upon in their campaigns.

Here is where just some of the items stand as of August:

(Hope) The candidate will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

(Actual) Early campaign ads have destroyed this one. They go beyond political fibbing and are filled with falsehoods.

(Hope) If elected, the  candidate will commit to serving a four-year term.

(Actual) One candidate will not commit to this.

(Hope) If elected, the candidate will utilize education professionals to handle their own affairs and let them write their own curriculum standards.

(Actual) A recent study to determine if divisive concepts were being taught has been sealed rather than openly shared. As well, it appears we might have a curriculum written by Hillsdale College and not South Dakota education professionals.

(Hope) If elected, the candidate will use negotiation and minimize the use of litigation at taxpayer expense.

(Actual) A recent appeals court decision regarding Mount Rushmore fireworks cost the state $230,000 and it went to a Virginia firm.

(Hope) If elected, the candidate will reflect moderate views of neither extreme, and will not encourage a radical agenda.

(Actual) The recent return of a campaign advisor, notorious for sexual harassment and a stubbornness to never backtrack, apologize or admit a mistake means a radical agenda will be pursued.

This is how it stands one month into the real campaign. I’ll keep monitoring both campaigns to see how they measure up.

Mark S. Smith


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