Letter - Struble 9-14-21

To the editor:

As I sat and watched 60 Minutes and their presentation of the Twin Towers tragedy and the unwavering courage of the New York Fire Departments, I wondered to where have many Americans’ courage and duty disappeared?

When the calls went out to NYFD, ALL firefighters rushed to the scene of America’s terrible tragedy. It was their duty! No questions asked. Safety needed to be returned to the citizens and they bravely rose to the occasion.

A borough chief was asked, “Did anyone refuse to scale the burning towers?”

“Not one”, he responded with tears in his eyes.

Many knew they might not return.  They knew their duty and they knew that their fellow citizens needed their help. They rose; knowing the consequences that were looming. But they had a duty to perform: save their fellow Americans. Sadly 343 brave, courageous firefighters were lost.

American citizens have been asked, coaxed, strongly encouraged and mandated to get their Covid vaccinations to save their own lives, their family’s lives, and their fellow Americans’ lives. And yet so many have chosen to not perform this simple duty. Leaders (governors) question and challenge this duty. If the unvaccinated and state leaders would rise to their duty, just maybe they could mirror an ounce or two of the courage displayed by the firefighters. Maybe?

Loren Struble



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