Letter to the Editor - Busch

To the Editor:
This world, and everything in it, is rapidly changing from day to day.
People are lying about everything - companies such as Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, drug companies - you name it. This gets worse every day.
But it’s no wonder the Bible says your sins will find you out. I am also aware of all the disrespect that is going on nowa days from grown adults to the younger generation.
I worked as a janitor in the school district for nine years and the principal there wanted to teach the kids to be respectable and responsible, but that starts with adults.
These late night talk show hosts have been disrespectful toward President Trump since he took office.
Saturday Night Live makes fun of President Trump and his administration, and some of the news channels - one in particular - make fun of the administration.
They need to back off and allow the president to do what he needs to do and the Democrats need to work with the president for the good of the people and our country.
Michael D. Busch