Letter to the Editor - Busch 12-2

To the Editor:
I would think there’s a lot of nervous Democrats in the government about now, with the IG’s reports coming out Dec. 9. Then, shortly after, the AG’s and John Durham’s. I can’t believe all the wasted time Schiff spent on all the witnesses, most of whom had noting to prove Trump did anything wrong. Some had never spoken to Trump and pretty much all were holdovers from the Obama administration. Then Schiff held secret hearings in the Capitol basement. Then last week, when they had open hearings, Schiff made up his “own rules” and wouldn’t let Republicans call their own witnesses. Schiff broke all the rules to try a president on impeachment. They said Trump tried to do damage to “quid pro quo Joe Biden!”
The Democrats have the “Fake News” media on their side. The information from the hearings were “bombshells” against Trump. What a big lie.
Hopefully these “wasted hearings” are over. The time and money spent of taxpayer dollars on the Russian collusion - $35 million. We also need to correct the amount Warren’s “free Medicare for all” as $52 trillion over 10 years.
More candidates are entering the race now, because the DNC party knows the ones running don’t have a chance!
I have a question for anyone out there - can you name me one Democrat in D.C. who’s not a liar?
Last week the stock market went 28,000. If memory serves, it was at 19,000. Jobs are up, unemployment is down and roughly 7 million are off food stamps, just to name a few of Trump’s accomplishments.
Ask yourself if you’re not better off than you were under Obama!
The Democrats have “divided” this country. We need to pray God’s will for all American citizens and may God continue to “Bless the U.S.!”
Michael Busch