Letter to the Editor - Byrd

To the Editor:
I would like to take a moment and tell you about someone I know. Some may know him; some may not. I want to tell you about Jason Ravnsborg and why I call him friend.
I first met Jason a little over two years ago and have had many conversations during that time. Jason always took time to listen to my questions, my thoughts and treated me respectfully and never belittled and always clarified the issue or situation. Jason explained things clearly and to the point. He responded respectfully where I lacked understanding and didn’t completely grasp the whole picture and told me to research it myself.
When I found out that he was that he was in the Army I understood more about why he was the way he was. I served in the Army and know the code and values we strive to live by daily in and out of uniform; Jason Ravnsborg exemplifies the Army core values. Jason does his best every day to be Loyal, Dedicated, Respectable, Selfless in his service to our state and country, Honorable, maintain Integrity and having Personal Courage to face any adversity.
When Jason Ravnsborg announced he was running for Attorney General, I immediately contacted him and we talked briefly but to the point. Jason wants to work for South Dakota. Jason’s goal is to give the tools law enforcement needs to do their job and work to end the opiate epidemic. But most important he believes in and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America which includes the Constitution of South Dakota. I’m a disabled veteran and am asking you to consider and vote for Jason Ravnsborg, candidate for South Dakota Attorney General.
Beau Byrd
Hot Springs