Letter to the Editor from Joan Edwards

To the Editor:
Congratulations to Lindsey Brewer and Lori Keleher, mathematics teachers at Huron High School, for presenting at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, the week of April 4-7, at which there were approximately 18,000 attendees.   There were about 2,800 applications for presentations at this conference, from which only 707 were chosen to be presented.
The title of their presentation was “Transform Ordinary into Extraordinary:  Provide teachers ways to transform basic worksheets into engaging, challenging and motivation activities.”  Their session was full, which is extraordinary in itself as only about 10 percent of the sessions were full and some had to be cancelled for lack of interest. Check out the pictures on the conference’s  website www.TransformYourClassroom.net.
Lindsey and Lori are both National Board Certified Teachers and this is the third time they have presented at a national conference. The other two times were in Boston in 2015 and San Francisco in 2016.
Allen Hogie, President of the South Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics, has stated that Huron High School is very fortunate to have two passionate Presidential Awardee/ National Board Certified mathematics teachers on staff.
As a substitute teacher who has worked with both of these women, I am grateful for the knowledge they impart to their students.
    Joan Edwards