Letter to the Editor - Graham

To the Editor:

The opposition to Amendment W is making false claims and spreading misinformation. I’ve been a supporter of this movement since the beginning, so I feel it necessary to consider the source.

The opposition is comprised of groups that benefit from government contracts. That’s right—the people opposing Amendment W are the same people who have a financial interest in maintaining the status quo in Pierre.
How many lobbyists do you employ? These groups aren’t made up of typical South Dakotans. The opposition employs 17 percent of South Dakota’s lobbyists! No wonder they’re trying to derail a bill that would restrict lobbyists’ influence. They’re not looking out for the people of South Dakota, they’re looking out for themselves.
Amendment W is common-sense anti-corruption reform that will close loopholes, end backroom deals, and clean up South Dakota’s government. It’s sound policy, and its the right choice for South Dakota.
Tammy Graham


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