Letter to the Editor - Harens 8-3

To the Editor:
An open letter to the voters of South Dakota and America.
Once again, the truth came out of the Mueller Report and hearing. Our elections are in danger of foreign intervention. In May, I wrote to both of our Senators (Thune/Rounds) and I specifically asked what they (Thune/Rounds) were doing to protect our elections? Only Senator Thune has responded, by not giving me one specific thing they are doing, other than monitoring the issue.
I read articles in newspapers and online that explain that there are recommendations from the Senate Intelligence Committee urging the federal government and states to do more to prevent cyber attacks in the future. There is legislation in the Senate that follows those Senate Intelligence Committee recommendations. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has blocked votes on these proposals, claiming they are partisan bills.
Okay, then I challenge Senators Thune and Rounds to come up with a bipartisan bill or bills to protect all 50 state elections on the state and federal level.
I am tired of the game playing on this issue. It is happening every day. Other foreign powers, not just Russia, are doing it now.  No matter which party you belong to, we need safe, secure, and honest elections in the United State of America.
I urge everyone to contact their representatives, state and federal, to fix this problem before the 2020 Elections.
Registered Republican and Concerned Citizen.

Paul Harens