Letter to the Editor - Maxwell 11-27

To the Editor:
Shame on the Wessington Springs City Council, for taking away a person’s 1st Amendment right.
It is a really sad day when a citizen of Wessington Springs attends a City Council meeting to exercise the given right of every American - “Freedom of Speech” - and finds themselves being personally attacked by the Councilmen and City employees. Open forum is for the public to express concerns, complaints and praise for our town. This last meeting that took place on Friday, November 22,  is a good example of what happens in a dictatorship. During public forum the following happened; a person trying to speak was belittled, insulted, called a liar and publicly humiliated by the council and a Wessington Springs employee.
Wessington Springs City Council you should be ashamed for your actions on that night. What is your job? I believe it is to represent the people that put you in office and listen to their concerns. To allow a city employee to verbally attack someone during the public forum, calling them a liar, should not be allowed. It is time for this Council to show respect for all the citizens and taxpayers and keep all employees accountable for their actions.
So the Circus continues - Wessington Springs Council meetings are a laughingstock or comedy at best!  
Cherie Maxwell
Wessington Springs