Letter to the Editor - Pfeiffer 5-22

To the Editor:

Government officials at every level throughout this country are grossly overreacting to the manufactured coronavirus “crisis” by assuming powers they do not rightly possess. See the second paragraph of the Declaration for the only legitimate purpose of government.

Mayor Paul Aylward justified his tie-breaking vote on the repeal of the city commission’s reckless and unconstitutional Corona Ordinance by saying, “The killer is still among us.”

What “killer” Mr. Mayor?
Anyone understanding the truth and the facts, knows full well that there are deadlier diseases than this coronavirus out there.

Misguided and ill-informed government officials and a compliant media have whipped up a frenzy of panic and fear that is totally unjustified by the purposefully inflated numbers.

So, Mr. Mayor, when say, four or five Beadle County residents die of influenza or pneumonia next winter, will the city commission reinstate their current draconian “regulations?”

Lee K. Pfeiffer