Letter to the Editor - Richard

To the Editor:
You have to admire those young people going after the almighty gun lobby. I suppose it is partly because they have known nothing other than frequent mass killings in their schools. I hope their efforts will be successful. Most other efforts by adults, to include those powerfully affected parents of slain children, have yet to be.
We have some South Dakotans in office and running for higher office who seem to be very out of touch to the needs and desires of these young people. Yes, mental health is an important factor, but no other factor stands out as the availability of weapons of mass destruction. We are the most violent nation in the world and we need to and can take some significant steps to slow and possibly even stop the slaying of young people in their schools.
Much of the rest of the world just shake their heads and wonder why the American people put up with this. It is past time to change this and it seems as if young people will lead the way.
Gordon Richard