Letter to the Editor - Solem 4-15

To the Editor:
I never dreamed that I would need to write a thank you note like this two Aprils in a row.
I want to take this opportunity to thank a few special people in the Huron community for assisting me AGAIN to get staff to and from SunQuest Healthcare Systems and on Thursday, and Friday, April 11 and 12. Again, Everrett Freese spent endless hours in our Bobcat moving the snow so that my very dedicated husband, Doug Solem, could get our staff to and from the facilities. I also want to thank two very special friends, Doug Rahder and Allen Hunt, who assisted us again when Doug got stuck a couple of times during the duration of the storm. Thanks to the two awesome young gentlemen that came along and pulled us out one other time and left before we were able to get their names.
A very special thank you again to the SunQuest staff that were so willing to make the efforts necessary to get to work, to those that worked extra shifts, those that spent their days and nights at the facilities away from your families, and to those that forged through knee and waste high snow to get to us when we couldn’t get as close to you as we would have liked because of the deep snow when we were picking you up. It truly shows the dedication each of you has toward our residents that reside at both SunQuest facilities and the desire each of you has to ensure our residents are provided the best care possible – no matter what the circumstances.
A huge thank you to the city street department and all of the work you have done to keep our emergency routes open as much as possible during the worst part of the storm and for all you have done since the storm passed to get all of our streets cleared. You do amazing work.
The above are great reasons why Huron is such a fantastic place to call home.
    Laurie Solem
Administrator SunQuest Healthcare Systems